The Death of Radio


MIB Reports Talk RadioAs a boy out of high school, I left my 3 year afternoon gig at WRMN, Elgin, Illinois after years there being mentored by Floyd Brown the PD and Engineer who had a command of the English language that is astounding.  Later Floyd came with me to Gordon McLendon’s WYNR 1390, Chicago which is a long story.

In 1961 I went to WJRL 1150 AM a directional daytimer in Rockford, Illinois.  Back then, a first phone engineer had to be at the 500 watt 3-tower directional site and the studios were downtown in a nice office building.  We had a Farm program director, 2 news wires and weather teletype, News director and 5 DJ’s.  The station was PART of the community as all news was aired from all sources and Mutual Radio and we gathered local news 3 times daily.  If you tuned away you were afraid you would miss something.  I also drove a remote unit with 2-way and went to each different neighborhood daily as, THE PHANTOM and the first listener coming to the van got a nice prize.  We were sold out and pay was good.  When the owner died it was sold to a chain and today the towers are gone and the license was turned back.  See how big corporations help radio?

Until 1996 my show was on 350 stations.  Hilliary Clinton wanted me off the air and told my partners to do so or else. I have witnesses.  Two books, AMERICAN EVITA by Christopher Anderson and FIRST PARTNER by Joyce Milton independently corroborate the facts.  Soon Clear Channel bought up the talk stations and dropped me from another network making Rush a jillionaire who bought thousands of illegal drugs, ruined his hearing and is still on-air in a 7 million dollar beach house.  Listeners know that and how can you depend on such a source?  Anyone else would be in jail like a carpenter I know who had 7 of the type pills Rush bought and is in jail now.

The unequal justice is common knowledge and does not add credibility.  That alone is a killer.

Yesterday I was visited by a young smart producer who has a device in his car to listen to Internet stations coast to coast.  I have an Internet station but it is only for friends and somehow it got out and 10,000 or more people around the world listen.

Bringing Radio Back

In one of my studios are machines that record short-wave news in English from Russia, China, Israel, France, Iran, Germany and others.  I have devices that edit them and any actualities happening live.

Soon I will distill them into a daily 30 minute news broadcast that will repeat 24/7 until refreshed at 11AM ET weekdays.  There will be two two minute breaks.  The first one is ours the second is for the station to cover and sell.

After the cast you will know what is happening worldwide and my commentary.  Recently AM Coast To Coast had me on for two hours and had a list of my financial predictions since 1985 to 1996 that all came true. They asked me what was in the future under Obama.  My answer was, “You don’t want to know.” (I do.)

After a few listens you will not want to miss the newscast as it has no slant and like I told the USA in 1992, FREE TRADE will bankrupt us.  It has.

The site is not up and target date is September 01.  The site will be:

It will take this kind of content to return listeners.  Live local talk, real news and being part of the community.  The Mays Family doesn’t do that and the

Value of stations is down 90% in many areas and that’s why.  I leave you with the famous Mays Family endearment track: “How ya doin?”

–Chuck Harder, Sun Radio Network founder. 386-397-4489


  1. What a pleasant surprise to stumble across you on RBR! Go get ’em, Chuck!
    Remember the Pocket Watch show on VCC? Great memories. I am back in radio, running a Conservative Talk 50,000 watt AM in Knoxville.

    John Pirkle
    WKVL, Knoxville
    Talk 850

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