The difference isn’t the product it is you


Michael RuddRadio works, sometimes we don’t work.

One of the more frustrating objections I hear when I am speaking to a potential prospect is when they tell me that “I have tried radio and it just doesn’t work.”  Or when I am told “You know radio is a nice secondary medium but that’s all it is.”

It is always very interesting to me when people have so many expert opinions on an industry that they don’t actually work in.  While I work with my doctor and I know quite a few things about health and wellness I don’t think I have ever told her that no need to check my blood pressure because you did last year and it was still 120/80.

But these clients have been burned several times over by a radio sales person somewhere, maybe only for a small amount of money or perhaps for a large campaign.  But money lost is still money lost.

What I try to do when that objection is brought up is immediately dig in to what happened.  What station?  When was it?  What was the campaign about?  What was your weekly schedule?  Who was your target?  How do you know it was so bad?  What follow up happened?

95% of the time if they are willing to give me a straight answer we will uncover that they were sold a shotty schedule, it wasn’t a great target, the copy was terrible and the rep didn’t have the heart to tell them that, etc.

The point is that radio does work.  The difference isn’t the product, it is you.  If you are an advertiser and you pick out the right target audience, have excellent copy, and meet the frequency with ROI goals in mind and campaign end goals RADIO WILL WORK!

It is ourselves that inhibit radio.  We do it a disservice and make it a second tier medium because of the way we don’t tell our clients or prospects what they need to hear.

Remember on the flip side of this conversation though is the fact that while you have the ability to make radio worse, you also have the ability to make it GREAT!  If you have the strongest ideas, the top of the line follow through, and customer service that creates raving fans then all of the sudden you elevate radio to a top tier medium because of the way you let your clients use it.

Do your clients and prospects a personal favour and treat them and treat radio with the respect it deserves.

You have the ability to make the difference and turn radio each day with each client you work into “my number one delivery of customers to my business” or into “radio just doesn’t work.”

Make the right choice, make the right difference every single day!

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