The Don McDonald Show Returns


One of money talk radio’s pioneers, Don McDonald announced today that he will return to national radio in September with his syndicated Don McDonald Show. Don states that his return to daily radio was motivated, in part, by what he calls “the lack of honorable, responsible and actionable advice on life’s most important topic, money.”

While continuing his educational outreach, Don became frustrated and alarmed at what he heard on his favorite medium, talk radio. “Some of the most popular financial ‘gurus’ are providing some of the worst advice,” says Don. “I’ve heard them tell listeners to gamble in individual stocks or claim they offer an easy path to wealth without risk. I decided it was time to get back on the air.”

The Don McDonald Show has entered into an agreement with Skip Joeckel’s Talk Shows USA who will handle syndication for the program. Skip is excited about helping bring Don back to a national audience, saying, “I syndicated Don’s show when he and I both worked at the original Business Talk Radio Network. I’m glad he’s going back on the air; it’s a shot-in-the-arm that radio can use. The new show is even better than it used to be; it’s informative and irreverent, educational and entertaining. I’m confident it will be a favorite of program directors and listeners nationwide.”

The Don McDonald Show will air six days a week with stations being allowed to air as much of the program as they need. There will also be a half-hour version for weekends. The program will be available on satellite and by FTP.