The Estate Vault to air 45,000 spots on 250 stations


The Estate Vault, Inc., a supplier of software solutions that provide a single, secure and easily accessible location for all critical financial and personal info, will launch a multi-million dollar national campaign this month.
The radio component of the campaign will air 45,000 commercials throughout 2008 in prime time from 6 am-6 pm, on 250 radio stations in 39 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The stations are affiliates of the Radio Forecast Network (, the third largest weather forecasting service for radio stations in the US.

In exchange for some 1 million in advertising, the Radio Forecast Network (Bentley Commerce Corp.), will receive Estate Vault stock and a share of the revenue the spots produce.

Radio Forecast Network will also create the commercials designed to bring broad consumer awareness and sales of the Estate Vault’s peace of mind solution.

To further involve stations in the campaign, Radio Forecast Network will purchase 6,600 "vaults" from Estate Vault, primarily to distribute to listeners as incentive promos.

"Because of the extraordinary reach and frequency of the radio advertising campaign we are planning, we expect to dramatically increase our sales," says Boyd Soussana, Estate Vault CEO. "By contracting for the commercials in an extremely cost effective manner at this time, we avoid the escalating costs, and even unavailability at any price, for advertising time that will be driven by the coming Federal, state and local elections."