The Global TV Demand Report: SVOD Demand, OTT Trends


There’s a newly released, in-depth white paper from Parrot Analytics that’s worth noting if you are among those broadcasters evermore concerned about the rapid growth of “over the top” (OTT) viewing not just here in the U.S., but on a global level.

The report takes a comprehensive look at global television demand trends across 10 markets in 2018.

The Global SVOD TV Demand Report is published quarterly based on Parrot Analytics’ global TV analytics dataset, which is comprised of 3.5 trillion data points across 60+ languages in 100+ countries.

What are some of the key takeaways?

While its popularity has somewhat faded in the U.S., Stranger Things remains the most popular digital original series in most markets. That said, the release of the second half of Star Trek: Discovery made this the most popular digital original series in the U.S.

In the U.S., more than 40% of the population say they would not pay for an SVOD

By comparison, in Italy almost 39% would pay for one subscription and another 32% would pay for two.

Like many SVOD reports, the data is skewed to make OTT delivery platforms look gorgeous to marketers and advertisers. But, it is good counterintelligence for the local GSM at a radio or TV station looking to counter resistance from businesses about why they should do a buy.

Here’s some ammunition to share:

  • In the United States, nearly half of respondents are not willing to pay for any video subscription streaming services, the most of the four markets examined.
  • The percent of people willing to pay for four or more services is lowest in the U.S., perhaps because Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video are so dominant in the market. For those who are willing to pay, about 45% are between the ages of 25 and 34.
  • Across all age group, men are more willing to pay for more SVOD services than women.

As such, broadcast media should suggest to advertisers and marketers that it is a better venue for reaching women, who are increasingly the decision-makers when it comes to the purchase of big-ticket household items.

Further, it provides good balance to those who may consume an SVOD but still include local radio or TV for their entertainment and information needs.

To view the report in its entirety, please click here.

Parrot Analytics – The Global TV Demand Report Q1 2018