The InFOCUS Podcast: Brian Handrigan


Sorry, but this isn’t the Aguacate podcast and you won’t be getting any avocado toast tips here.

Rather, media industry executives have the chance to learn more about Advocado, a cross media data platform that connects online and offline audience insights to better inform marketers on the media they consume, and where to invest their ad dollars.

Brian Handrigan, co-founder and CEO of St. Louis-based Advocado, shares in this InFOCUS Podcast how the company’s November 2021 purchase of VEIL watermarking software is moving forward, and what Advocado’s acquisition of Kantar BVS means, too.

Learn more by clicking here and devoting 15 minutes to this audio interview conducted by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.


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