The InFOCUS Podcast: Paul Kelly, A Million Ads


Audio advertising is hot. It’s so sizzling that LinkedIn is getting in the game. What does this mean for good ol’ Radio? Paul Kelly, Chief Revenue Officer for A Million Ads, shares his thoughts on the matter.

Specifically, LinkedIn is rolling out a new events platform, and it is all audio in nature.

With two decades of experience leading creative and commercial teams for such organizations as Viacom, what he has to say could lead to new creative sparks in your broadcast media sales organization.

“The effect for ‘legacy’ or incumbent audio is the rising tide analogy,” he says. “Some of the newer innovations in the audio space have actually helped, quite frankly, remind people of the power of audio in the first place. There is a natural proclivity or tendency for the advertising community to look at what’s new and what’s next, and what the medium and long-term effect is  — the continual innovation in this sector — is actually really just serving to remind marketers and advertisers of the ‘theater of the mind.’ It’s a good thing whether you’re in traditional audio or in digital audio.”

All it takes is just 11 minutes of your time. Listen now!

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