The ‘Most Significant New Technology’ Is TV’s Next Big Thing


The “Most Significant New Technology” has been declared by InteractiveTV Today at its 11th annual TV of Tomorrow Show.

What is it? The next-generation broadcast TV standard that’s set to revolutionize the medium through personalization and ultra HD signals.

Next Gen TV powered by ATSC 3.0 was honored by InteractiveTV Today, with the Advanced Television Systems Committee receiving the trade publication’s 2017 Leadership Award

The award recognizes the industry’s “most innovative and disruptive technology, platform or product.”

InteractiveTV Today says the award was given to ATSC 3.0 “for leadership in interactive and multiplatform television.” It added that the award underscores “the unprecedented level of innovation behind the ATSC 3.0 suite of standards that will usher in a new era in television, including new levels of interactivity and personalization.”

ATSC President Mark Richer said, “It’s a great honor to be recognized by innovators in interactive television, a community that is beginning to recognize what’s possible with the emerging ATSC 3.0.  The Next Gen TV standard has the same Internet Protocol backbone as the Internet and other TV services, and we believe that broadcasters and other innovators will find new ways to seamlessly unify over-the-air with over-the-top content for the benefit of the viewer.”