The “Scion Story” branding effort adds new TV spots (video)


The real lives of five young entrepreneurs form the backbone of Scion’s newest national campaign, “Make Every Second Count,” have launched at and will continue with broadcast, print and digital, via creative agency ATTIK.

The new ads and online mini documentaries build on the “Scion Story” brand campaign launched last fall to showcase the company’s longstanding commitment to individual passions.

See one of the mini-docs here:

“We began telling the story of Scion’s history and core beliefs; now we’ve given the stage to individuals who embody that same passionate spirit in the ‘Make Every Second Count’ campaign,” said Doug Murtha, Scion VP. “By showing how Scion fits into real lives and real goals, we shine a spotlight on the brand’s unique approach to empower its customers.”

The five people featured were each given a handheld video camera and a Scion vehicle for two weeks. After beginning to film their daily activities, they worked with award-winning documentary filmmaker Doug Pray (Hype, Art & Copy) for suggestions and content. From the authentic content, Pray and Scion created three national broadcast spots and five, online mini documentaries for the Scion YouTube channel.

The broadcast spots are built from one-second video segments of each participant’s story, passion and Scion experience. As the five individuals demonstrate dedication to pursuing dreams and careers, the campaign concept “Make Every Second Count” was born.

The participants were:

–Bryant Terry – an Oakland, Calif. chef, author and activist – driving the iQ

–Travis Hayes Busse – a San Francisco music promoter, talent buyer and manager – driving the tC

–Daniel Farahirad – a Los Angeles bicycling activist and retailer – driving the xB

–Levi Maestro – a Los Angeles filmmaker, entrepreneur and web personality – driving the FR-S

–Lisa Nativo – a Los Angeles food truck founder and owner – driving the xD