These Are Next Auction Steps


GavelNow that the FCC announced the aggregate of provisionally winning bids for the television incentive auction is $86+ billion, what’s happens now?

Proceeds from the next portion of the auction, in which wireless and other companies bid on the former television spectrum, must cover that amount. That figure also includes what’s needed to pay for some $226 million to cover the FCC’s administrative costs and $1.75 billion for the TV repack fund.

Though the first stage of the auction has ended, the quiet period remains in effect, according to Wileyonmedia. That means TV owners, nor their consultants, cannot disclose anything about station bids or strategies.

The wireless companies and other entities intending to bid on the television spectrum have until Friday to submit their upfront payments to the FCC.

Wileyonmedia surmises the next phase would begin in early August.



  1. 86+ billion! What a generous contribution to the U S Treasury!
    Has anyone yet considered from whose pocket this “gift” will ultimately
    come from? Is this “FCC fund raising really in the best “Public Interest,
    Convenience & Necessity”? Let’s get real & fight the Ostrich syndrome.
    Ken Benner, Meek ‘n humble forensic journalist.

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