They’ve not shut him up yet


A few months back RBR/TVBR asked Cox Radio CEO Bob Neil, the most vocal critic of PPM, what it would take from Arbitron to make him shut up. Well, some new measures have been announced by Arbitron. So, are they close to making him zip it?

"I’ve learned with Arbitron to watch what they do — not what they say.  We’re roughly 547 days into the Philly currency without accreditation, so obviously they need to step it up.  It’s also frustrating that broadcasters have had to virtually wring their necks to get them to even acknowledge they had problems with the sample.  So, given their past performance on these issues, when I see things actually happen…then I’ll be ready to say I have more confidence.  Unfortunately, a lot of questionable data will be used as a buying tool while they try to fix this, when it should have been done before PPM was launched.  We’ll see," Neil added.