Thirty Years of Automation, Playout and Asset Management Products


The company was founded during the Velvet Revolution, some 11 months before the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Today, this globally renowned entity founded by five engineers from the Scientific Research Institute of Television and Broadcasting in Praha is celebrating 30 years as a Prague-based company with customers and offices around the world.

With automotive brand Skoda its office mates in the Veleslavínská neighborhood on the west side of Prague, AVECO will be showcasing its three decades of achievement along with its current products of interest to broadcast professionals at the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

It’s selected Booth N1421 at the Las Vegas Convention Center for its return to the event, the NAB’s first in three years.

AVECO deployments range from multi-channel, multi-site operations – such as India’s ETV Bharat’s automation and media asset management system, supporting 5,000 reporters, 24 news studios and 24 full time news channels in 13 languages – to small standalone systems. Complete end-to-end production and playout facilities to individual products are also tied to AVECO.

“Since our humble beginnings with our motto ‘Let’s try!’ we’ve seen incredible changes in industry and technology,” said Pavel Potuzak, CEO of Aveco. “Today, our project with Televisa in Mexico would have been unthinkable when Aveco was formed. Think about it … fully redundant master control with frame-by-frame disaster recovery for 80 TV channels located on-prem and in the cloud.”

He continued, “From tape to servers to the cloud, our motto has changed with the industry as well to ‘Let’s Talk Automation!’ to better reflect our focus. With our vision of ‘Create – Manage – Deliver’, we provide media companies worldwide with our news/studio production automation, media asset management and playout solutions – on-prem, in the cloud and in hybrid architectures. We graciously thank our more than 300 customers worldwide that have helped us grow from a small group of friends in the Czech Republic to an international company with ten offices worldwide.”