Three deals for zero dollars


N/A WJZZ-FM North Salem NY from Foothills Public Radio Inc. (Dennis Jackson) to Vineyard Public Radio Inc. (Dennis Jackson, Maureen Jackson). Transfer from one noncom to another for no consideration. Licensed but silent. [FCC file date 1/22/13]

N/A KXPB-LP Pacific Beach WA from Pacific Beach Food Bank (Lila Preisinger) to M.A.A.P. Foundation (Steve Pomeroy et al). No consideration. According to application, “transferred for the betterment of the North Beach community’s welfare.” LPFM stations. [FCC file date 1/22/13]

N/A FM CP Newcomb NM from Board of Regents of State of New Mexico Highlands University (James Fries) to Board of Education of the City of Albuquerque NM (Winston Brooks et al). Donation. CP is for Class C2 on 89.3 MHz with 650 W @ 2,290’. [FCC file date 1/22/13]