Three-way swapfest in Raleigh-Durham


Three companies, three AM stations, one FM station and a state radio network are all involved in a transaction in North Carolina’s capital market. The companies involved are Capitol, Curtis and McClatchey.

Subsidiaries of Curtis Media Group Inc., headed by Donald W. Curtis, are at the center of the swap. Curtis will be sending WDNC-AM Durham and WCLY-AM Raleigh to Capitol Broadcasting Company Inc., headed by James F. Goodmon. Curtis will also send WWMY-FM Raleigh to McClatchey Broadcasting Company LLC, headed by William M. McClatchey Jr.

Meanwhile, McClatchey will send WRBZ-AM Raleigh to Curtis, and Capitol will flip the North Carolina News Network, a regional radio web, to McClatchey, along with a CP for an FM translator earmarked for Louisburg NC.

There is no cash consideration involved in any aspect of the three-way swap.

Curtis will wind up with an eight station superduopoly. Besides WWMY-FM, it has WPTF-AM, WQDR-FM, WBBB-FM, WKIX-FM, WYMY-FM, WDOX-AM & WKXU-FM in the market.

Capitol will add WDNC-AM and WCLY-AM to its two Raleigh market FMs, WRAL-FM and WCMC-FM, and will have a cross-ownership situation with WRAL-TV and WRAZ-TV.

McClatchey has no other interests in the market, so it will be left with what it gets – WWMY-FM, the radio network and the FM translator CP.