Time Warner Cable rolling out SignatureHome


Looks like Time Warner is broadening its consumer offerings in both discounting and bundling. Last month, the company introduced a budget program tier called “TV Essentials.” Now it’s debuting “SignatureHome,” a premium, tailored service alongside its most comprehensive technical package to date. Depending on the market, for some $179-$200 per month (plus the cost of any premium channels), one can call the new offering a triple play bundle on steroids. Along with the usual digital cable package, Internet service and digital home phone product, the package features Whole House DVR, Remote DVR Manager, Wireless Home Networking for up to 14 devices, and VoiceZone on PC, which allows retrieval of voice messages online. The high-end package includes more than 180 channels of video and 50 Megabits per second Internet speed.

SignatureHome’s positioning is also placed on personalized service, installation and care. Customers are assigned a specially trained team of SignatureService agents, including both Personal Solutions Advisors (PSA) and Connections Specialists. PSAs, who can be reached via a dedicated SignatureHome phone line or priority online chat, will field all SignatureHome customer inquiries, work with customers to customize their connectivity needs, and schedule a convenient reservation with a Connections Specialist.

The Connections Specialist will ensure that seamless connectivity is achieved within three hours and the customer receives an unparalleled, in-home service experience. All Connections Specialists will arrive with a kit that includes shoe covers to further maintain the cleanliness of customer homes.

SignatureHome was test-marketed in Charlotte during Q3. The offering is being rolled out nationwide in December in areas that have the capability to launch Whole House DVR.