TiVo program taste survey shows that crime pays


Americans have a wide variety of programming options when they sit down in front of the television set, but according to a new TiVo survey, 26% freely admit that just about every day they will be seeking pure entertainment, or “guilty pleasure.” It turns out that programs in which guilt is a major element – crime dramas – is the top source of such pleasure.

There is a dark side to watching guilty-pleasure TV, however – that would be the 21% who say they make judgments about people based on their viewing habits.

TiVo says crime dramas are a program choice for 29% of poll respondents, with 22% making reality television the #2 genre. However, the ever-popular sitcom barges in between the two when respondents were asked to name which types of programs fall into the guilty pleasure category.

“TiVo’s Fall TV survey confirmed our instincts that many TV lovers no longer hide their passion for what they consider a guilty pleasure show,” said Tara Maitra, SVP, GM Content & Media Sales for TiVo. “Our survey unveiled some interesting overarching Fall TV trends to keep in mind this season, but the TiVo Premiere is the ultimate Fall TV companion as it knows that every viewer is different. Because of that, the TiVo Premiere gets to know the user and records shows based on the viewer’s entertainment preferences, such as their favorite actor or TV genre.”

Here are TiVo takes on the new Fall season:
* TV viewers are most looking forward to watching ABC’s remake of the late ’70s classic “Charlie’s Angels”
* NBC’s “Prime Suspect” and CBS’ “Person of Interest” tied for the second most anticipated new TV show this fall

Most highly anticipated returning TV shows:
* Given Americans’ love of crime dramas, it’s no surprise that CBS’ “NCIS” is the returning drama that they’re most looking forward to this fall
* Respondents can’t wait to laugh along with the cast of ABC’s “Modern Family,” the most highly anticipated returning comedy
* Perhaps to no one’s surprise, twice as many women than men will be rushing home to catch “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC

Most highly anticipated comedic star:
* When asked what comedy star they’re most looking forward to watching this fall, 35 percent of respondents chose Ashton Kutcher from CBS’ “Two And A Half Men”
* Will Arnett from NBC’s “Up All Night” placed a distant second, receiving 11 percent of the votes

“Through TiVo’s continued research and insight we have seen a growing trend that Americans are especially hooked on specific guilty pleasure TV shows and genres, from outlandish reality programs or slapstick comedies to tense crime thrillers,” continued Maitra. “We also have a way for TV lovers to meet their need to catch up on even the guiltiest of TV through TiVo Collections. It allows users to quickly see new and returning programs, like fan favorite Modern Family and newcomer Prime Suspect, and schedule recordings of the shows. Ahead of the highly-anticipated Fall TV season, it is a great way to catch past seasons or