Today’s TV Homework Assignment


items-listIt’s simple – make sure your television station in on the FCC’s list of auction-eligible facilities. If it’s MIA, according to Lauren Lynch Flick of the Pillsbury law firm, there is a relatively brief window to get the FCC to make any necessary corrections.

The Commission just released a public notice on the topic which includes a 45-page Appendix listing all the stations it believes are auction-eligible.

The FCC admits that errors are possible, and stations that aren’t listed have until 7/9/15 to file a petition to establish eligibility.

If there is no response from a given station, the FCC will assume that its information is correct.

In addition to establishing auction eligibility, being on the list also establishes protection during repacking.

Stations are advised to check the technical parameters as listed in the FCC database to make sure there are no errors there, either.