Broadcasting Engineers Pay Respects To Osenkowsky


Tom Osenkowsky, the associate editor of two editions of the National Association of Broadcasters Engineering Handbook, including the new 11th edition, has died.

Osenkowsky had been suffering from both multiple myeloma and lymphoma. He was 62.

A New York native, Osenkowsky served as the Chief Engineer for radio station WOWW-AM 1380 in the Hartford suburb of Naugatuck, Conn., from 1975-1977. From there, he ventured down I-91 to become Director/Engineering for WKCI-FM “KC101” in Hamden-New Haven, where he held the role from 1977-1981.

From 1983-1985, Osenkowsky become Chief Engineer for WRCQ-AM & WRCH-FM in Hartford; from 1984-85 he also served as OM for WNVR-AM 690 in Waterbury, Conn.

Since 1985, he had served as Chief Engineer of WLAD-AM & WDAQ-FM in Danbury, Conn.

He had been a contributor to Radio World magazine for 31 years.

Osenkowsky also served as Chief Engineer for WNHU-FM 88.7, the University of New Haven’s noncommercial station. He wrote at, “I took over as chief engineer in February 1985 until my retirement in November 2009. A Harris FM3.5K transmitter and an ERI FMXL-1 single-bay antenna replaced the Gates FM-1H and four-bay antenna in April 1988. Under GM Bruce Avery, WNHU purchased two Autogram RTV-12 consoles for the main studio and production rooms, replacing the two Ampro boards. CRIS, the Connecticut Reading Information Service, added its reading service for the visually impaired to a 92 kHz SCA sub-carrier.”

Osenkowsky’s health deteriorated in recent weeks, and was chronicled on his personal Facebook page. On July 25, he wrote:

Like most days today had good events and bad. My Hospice nurse said my vitals were good and I was OK this week. I enjoyed a very nice dinner and conversation with a lifelong friend and her husband. We went to Agora of Brookfield (formerly Christopher’s). The meal, service and Hank’s live piano music were quite enjoyable. I highly recommend Agora! I personally thanked Hank for the great sets he played. I was absolutely devastated to learn Justin Bieber canceled his “Purpose” tour. While he says he did so because “he dedicated his life to Christ” I exercise my right to reserve judgment on this. Going through a life ending event is one thing, I can handle that. Learning your idol, one you look to for inspiration and purpose and having that ripped away just isn’t a fair fight. I am devastated. I need a hug…..This is turmoil run amok.

Osenkowsky’s father, Thomas Osenkowsky II, died on Sept. 2, 2017 at the age of 81.

Funeral arrangements are forthcoming and will appear in the Danbury News-Press and at