Tomorrow Everyone Joins In "Day of Silence"


Add Greater Media to the list, as it will temporarily take its radio stations' webcasts off-line on Tuesday, June 26th, in support of a "Day of Silence" for webcasters.

 "We know that our stations have substantial audiences who enjoy the convenience of listening online," said Peter Smyth, President and CEO of Greater Media. "We are making them aware that we will not be financially able to continue to provide this service if they do not speak up. Broadcasters are willing to pay reasonable online royalties, but this ruling could mean the end of any and all internet radio. The CRB decision is ill-considered and badly timed."

Greater Media stations will be urging listeners to support the Internet Radio Equality Act, which would set aside the CRB rate hike and set a transitional rate of 7.5% of revenue for 2006-2010. Versions of the bill are pending in the House and the Senate.