Townhome owners win rooftop antenna rights


A couple wishing to install a rooftop antenna on their townhome have defeated their townhome owner’s association, with assists from DISH, DIRECTV and the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association of America. Constance M. and Daniel F. Lane have the blessings of the federal government to receive a clear video picture.

The Lanes live in Palatine IL, where they came to loggerheads with the Sutton Park Place Townhome Association over installation of the antenna. The Association asks that its resident members install antennae in their attic, and resort to rooftop installation only if picture quality is inadequate.

The Lanes said the quality was indeed inadequate, so they took the rooftop option, only to receive serial fines from the association.

FCC rules says that unreasonable denial of the right to use an antenna is impermissible, and when a denial is issued, the aggrieved party may petition the FCC for relief, with the burden on the denying entity.

In this case, the Association didn’t bother to make a case, making easy winners of the Lanes – they didn’t even need the firepower of the satellite broadcasting industry that came to their defense.

RBR-TVBR observation: We have never been misfortunate enough as to move into an association-controlled neighborhood. Hey, this is America, land of the free and home of the brave, and if a free and brave American wants to install a reasonably-sized antenna on their privately-owned roof, so be it.