Now Available To You: A ‘Streamlined and Intuitive’ Audiologging App


Radio imaging, voiceover, programming, podcasting and jingles company Benztown has entered into an agreement with Tracy Johnson Media Group to market and distribute a new streamlined and intuitive audiologging app to U.S. radio stations.

Introducing AudioLogger, which Benztown says speeds the process for stations to repurpose audio for other uses.

AudioLogger was developed by Belgian radio broadcaster Alain Claise and is currently used on over 250 stations worldwide. The app is now available to stations from Benztown.

“With AudioLogger, all station staff can instantly access, manage, and share audio for
any station in the world,” Benztown notes. “Broadcasters can access audio for airchecks. The sales team can send proof of performance audio and live reads to advertisers without filling out a production request. And stations can even convert any audio segment into attention-getting videos to post online with just a couple of clicks.”

Benztown President Dave “Chachi” Denes comments, “AudioLogger transforms station
operations by empowering every member of the staff to do more with their audio content
– whether they’re in production, sales, marketing or digital. The system is fast and easy
to use, and audio is available to edit, export and manage within a couple of seconds of
being broadcast. Plus, it works on any platform and device, including tablets and cell
phones. AudioLogger is a game-changer for stations and Benztown is proud and
excited to partner with Tracy Johnson Media Group to bring this smart and affordable
technology to U.S. radio.”