Transactions: 1-14-10


$1.3M KWOW-FM Waco TX (Clifton TX) from BMP Waco License Company LP, a subsidiary of Border Media Partners LLC (Joan Leonard) to Waco Entertainment Group LLC (William W. McCutchen III). $65K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Duopoly with KDRW-FM CP Hewitt TX. [FCC file date 1/8/10]

$175K WIZR-AM Johnstown NY from 6 Johnson Road Licenses Inc., a subsidiary of Pamal Broadcasting Ltd. (James J. Morrell) to Thomas J. Kuettel. $25K escrow, $50K contingent on assignation of associated real estate to buyer, $100K note. [FCC file date 1/8/10]

$80K WFPA-AM Fort Payne AL from J.A.R. Services LLC (Joseph Allen Rivera) to J. Michael Wallace d/b/a Wallace Broadcasting Company. $25K deposit, $1,941.21 cash at closing, 443,025.79 note. [FCC file date 1/8/10]