Transactions: 1-15-10


$20K KABR-AM Alamo Community NM from Alamo Navajo School Board Inc. (Michael A. Hawkes) to Martha Whitman d/b/a Isleta Radio Company. Alamo owes $20K for technical services to Don Davis, husband of Whitman, and is giving Whitman & David the station in lieu of the cash. ANSB has built KABR-FM, freeing the AM to move to Isleta NM, which it will apply to do. [FCC  file date 1/12/10]

N/A KFXH-FM CP Marlow OK from The Sister Sherry Lynn Foundation (Sherry Austin) to Hammock Educational and Environmental Community Services (Jeffrey D. Southmayd, Nancy S. Southmayd). Donation. CP is for Class A on 88.7 MHz with 5 kw @ 364’. [FCC  file date 1/12/10]