Transactions: 1-19-11


$500K KGHL-AM Billings MT from MBG Billings LLC (Peter J. Benedetti, Richard C. Maynard et al) to KGHL Radio LLC (Taylor Brown, Shannon Brown, Russ Nemetz, Chris Nemetz, plus 30% retained by seller BMG). $175K down payment, $175K cash at closing, $150K capital contribution from BMG. Buyer holds five year option to acquire BMG’s stake in the station. BMG retains KGHL-FM, KQBL-FM, KRPM-FM and KRWQ-FM. Seller will change the calls of KGHL-FM. [FCC file date 1/7/11]

$2.8K KSSH-FM CP Shubert NE from Ron Elmore Ministries (Ron Elmore) to My Bridge Radio (Dave Chally, Stanley A. Parker et al). Settles 1/5/08 payment from buyer to seller. CP is for Class C3 on 91.3 MHz with 2 kW @ 607’. [FCC file date 1/7/11]