Transactions: 1-5-11


$100 FM CP Julesburg CO, FM CP Seibert CO and FM CP Springfield CO from Educational Communications of Colorado Springs Inc. (Ronald Johnson) to Academy Media Inc. (Paticia Johnson). Cash. Julesburg CP is for Class A on 89.1 MHz with 1 kW @ 381’; Seibert CP is for Class A on 88.5 MHz with 4 kW @ 217’; Springfield CP is for
Class A on 89.9 MHz with 6 kW @ 151’. [FCC file date 12/22/10]

$1 KRSA-AM Petersburg AL from Northern Light Network (Paul Rude) to Sea-Christ Broadcasting Corporation (Edward May et al). Cash. [FCC file date 12/22/10]

$1 WSIA-FM CP Damascus GA from Network of Glory Inc. (Lola Richey) to Victor Broadcasting Inc. (James E. Price III et al). Cash. CP is for Class A on 89.7 MHz with 2.2 kW @ 200’. [FCC file date 12/23/10]