Transactions: 10-10-08


$875M WROG-FM Hagerstown-MD-Chambersburg-Waynesboro PA (Cumberland MD moving to Chambersburg PA) from Broadcast Communications Inc. (Robert M. Stevens) to WITF Inc. (Kathleen A. Pavelko et al). Cash. If fair market value exceeds purchase price, remainder will be considered a charitable contribution. CP to move from Class B on 102.9 MHz in Cumberland MD with 3.5 kw @ 1,437’ to Class A on 93.3 MHz in Chambersburg PA with 350 w @ 1,351’. Buyer is applying for main studio waiver to operate as satellite of WITF-FM Harrisburg PA. [FCC file date 9/15/08]

N/A KCOI-FM CP Clovis MN from Salt and Light Communications Inc. (Larry Durham) to American Family Association (Donald E. Wildmon). Donation. CP is for Class A on 88.1 MHz with 1.1 kw @ 174’. [FCC file date 9/15/08]