Transactions: 10-15-09


$1.775M KNOE-FM Monroe LA from Radio Monroe LLC (Clay Holladay) to Holladay Broadcasting of Louisiana LLC (Robert H. Holladay). $172.5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Superduopoly with KMLB-AM, KRJO-AM, KRRV-FM, KJLO-FM & KLIP-FM. Buyer is also selling KJMG-FM to third party to stay within local ownership caps. [FCC file date 10/14/09]

$700K KJMG-FM Monroe LA (Bastrop LA) from Holladay Broadcasting of Louisiana LLC (Robert H. Holladay) to KP Music Group LLC (Calvin H. Murray). Promissory note. [FCC file date 10/14/09]

$175K WPRY-AM Perry FL from HF Broadcasting Perry LC (Ellen Williams) to Dockins Telecommunications Inc. (Fred Dockins). Cash. Combo with WFDZ-FM Perry FL. [FCC file date 10/14/09]

$22.8K WVMC-AM Mount Carmel IL from Wabash Communications Inc. (Kevin C. Williams) to W. Russell Withers Jr. Cash. LMA until closing. [FCC file date 10/14/09]

$5K KHES-FM CP Rocksprings TX from Gary S. Hess to Innovated Facility Solutions Inc. (Clinton R. Moss, Monica L. Moss). Promissory note. CP is for Class C3 on 92.5 MHz with 25 kw @ 328’. [FCC file date 10/14/09]