Transactions: 10-24-08


$1.15M KTXN-FM Victoria TX from Broadcast Equities Texas Inc. (John J. Tibiletti) to GAP Broadcasting Victoria Licenses LLC (George Laughlin et al). $115K escrow, balance in cash at closing. LMA until closing. Superduopoly with KIXS-FM, KQVT-FM & KLUB-FM. [FCC file date 10/2/08]

N/A KEIP-AM CP Las Vegas NV from Las Vegas Braodcasters Partnership (Carl J. Auel) to 760 AM LLC (Michael & Dara Glinter, Carl J. Auel, James A Filler, Patricia Jones). Glinters get 51% stake in return for building station. CP is for Class B on 760 kHz with 1 kw-D, 930 w-N, DA2. [FCC file date 10/2/08]