Transactions: 10-28-09


$600K KWKA-FM/KTQM-FM Clovis NM from Curry County Broadcasting (C. Hewel Jones, D. Madeene Jones) to Zia Broadcasting Company (Lonnie D. Allsup, Barbara J. Allsup). $70K escrow, $600K cash at closing. Duopoly with KCLV AM-FM. Buyers area also buying a mobile home from sellers for an additional $100K. [FCC file date 10-26-09]

$5K AM CP Lake City FL from Sovereign City Radio Services Inc. (Scott Krusinski) to Newman Media Inc. (John R. Newman). $500 deposit, balance in cash at closing. Buyer is qualilfied entitity and seeks extension of CP expiration date of 1/25/10. Duopoly with WDSR-AM/WNFB-FM Lake City FL. CP is for Class C on 1450 kHz with 1 kw-U, ND. [FCC file date 10-28-09]

$3K FM CP Thomas WV from The Love Station Inc. (Doyle Brewer) to Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church (Dennis Leatherman et al). Cash. CP is for Class A on 88.7 MHz with 100 w @ 856’. [FCC file date 10-28-09]