Transactions: 11-16-10


$2.7M KKMO-AM Seattle-Tacoma WA (Tacoma WA) from Inspiration Media Inc., a subsidiary of Salem Communications Corporation (Stuart W. Epperson, Edward G. Atsinger III) to Sea-Mar Community Health Center (Greg Ma et al).  $135K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Salem retains four AMs in the market; if it formats any of them as a “secular Spanish or Mexican” station for five years it must pay buyer $700K.

$1.5M WTNT-AM Washington DC from Red Zebra Broadcasting License LLC (David P. Donovan) to Metro Radio Inc. (Bruce A. Houston et al). $50K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Seller also gets the right to use call letters WXTR or WTNT. Duopoly with WKDV-AM Manassas VA. Seller retains two AMs, two FMs in the Washington market. [FCC file data 11/4/10]