Transactions: 2-29-08


N/A WWIO-AM St. Marys GA from Charles D. Casey, Personal Representative, Estate of Lois Casey-Moum to Lighthouse Christian Broadcasting Corporation (Paul L. Hafer et al). Lighthouse had been providing programming to the station prior to the 4/4/99 death of Lois Casey-Moum. Gifted to Lighthouse per decedent’s verbal instructions.. [File date 2/1/08.]

N/A WBIC-AM Royston GA from Diane E. Hawkins to Oconee River Broadcasting LLC (Randal R. Graby, Kris Kendrick, Benjamin D. Kurtz, Christopher P. Lobdell). Unspecified debt assumption. LMA 12/3/07 @ 100/month. [File date 1/31/08.]