Transactions: 3-10-11


$140K KVAK AM-FM Valdez AK. 51% of North Wave Communications Inc. from Bonnie L. Welke (26% to 0%) and Elton G. Welke (25% to 0%) to Laurie L. Prax ((25% to 51%) and Joseph G. Prax (24% to 49%). $15K down payment, $125K note. [FCC file date 2/28/11]

$1 WMJQ-AM Milford PA from Digital Radio Broadcasting Inc. (Charles Williamson) to Juli Williamson. Cash. [FCC file date 2/28/11]

$1 FM CP Hollywood MS and FM CP Medart FL from De Mujer a Mujer International (Francis G. Russell) to Hispanic Family Christian Network Inc. (Maria Cristina Guel, Jennifer Juarez, Omar Vasquez). Charitable donation. Buyer seeks 18 month CP extension. Hollywood CP is for Class A on 89.7 MHz with 1 kW @ 111’; Medart CP is for Class A on 88.5 MHz with 1 kW @ 95’. [FCC file date 3/1/11]