Transactions: 3-21-08


250K KYKM-FM Yoakun TX and KTXM-FM Hallettsville TX from The Kalil Holding Group LLC (Frank Kalil) to Kremling Enterprises Inc. (Travis Kremling, Laura Kremling). 25K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Stations have only tangential overlap. LMA until closing. [File date 2/21/08.]

50K WXPZ-FM CP Clyde Township MI from Larlen Communications Inc. (Larry Harp, Trustee) to Tim Woodson Ministries Inc. (Timothy Woodson, Jeanna Woodson, Chandra Lane, Tonya Robinson). 5K earnest money escrow, balance in cash at closing. CP is for Class A on 90.1 MHz with 1.5 kw @ 243′. [File date 2/21/08.]