Transactions: 4-06-10


$520K WQVA-AM Columbia SC (Lexington SC) from Peregon Communications Inc. to Branck Banking and Trust Company of South Carolina (Kelly S. King et al). High bid, sold by Warren R. Herndon Jr., Special Referree, Lexington County SC. [FCC file date 4/2/10]

$400K WHPO-FM Hoopeston IL from Market Street Broadcasting LLC (Scott Krusinski) to Hoopeston  Radio Inc. (Russell Leigh, Joseph Young, Jeremy M. Puetz). $40K escrow, balance in cash at closing. LMA 5/1/04. [FCC file date 4/1/10]

N/A KXMP-FM CP Blowout TX from New Wine Church of San Antonio (Tammy Botello) to Ondas de Vida Network Inc. (Hector Manzo et al). Donation. CP is for Class C3 on 88.9 MHz with 4.5 kw @ 407’. [FCC file date 3/31/10]