Transactions: 4-30-08


24M KKRG-FM, KIOT-FM & KKSS-FM/KJFA-FM Albuquerque NM (Albuquerque, Los Lunas, Santa Fe NM) from Univision Radio License Corporation (Joe Uva)/The Univision Trust, Bob Woodward, Trustee (for KIOT-FM only) to Centennial NM Licensing LLC, a subsidiary of Centennial Broadcasting II LLC (Allen B. Shaw). 2.4M escrow, balance in cash at closing. Existing superduopoly in Albuquerque, and an existing duopoly in Santa Fe. [File date 3/28/08.]

7K FM CP Damascus GA from Fisher Communications Inc. (Brandon Davis) to Network of Glory Inc. (Lola Richey). Cash, prepaid. Station is noncommerical. CP is for Class A on 89.7 MHz with 1.5 kw @ 207′. [File date 3/27/08.]