Transactions: 6-14-11


$2.65M KVTT-AM Dallas-Fort Worth TX (Mineral Wells TX) from M&M Broadcasters Ltd. (Gary L. Moss) to Texoma Broadcasting Inc. (John Hamid). $100K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Buyer may buy up to $7K in studio equipment which may be credited toward purchase price. De facto superduopuly with buyer’s LMAs in Dallas-Fort Worth market with KFCD-AM Farmersville TX, KHSE-AM Wylie TX and KZMP-FM Pilot Point TX. [FCC file date 5/31/11]

N/A KFXN-AM Minneapolis MN and WTOC-AM Sussex NJ (Newton NJ) from (respectively) AMFM Broadcasting Licenses LLC, a subsidiary of Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc. (John Hogan) and Aloha Station Trust (Jeanette Tully) on behalf of Clear Channel to MMTC Broadcasting LLC (David Honig). Donation. [FCC file date 5/27/11]