Transactions: 7-25-08


$26M KHTB-FM Salt Lake City UT (Provo UT) from 3 Point Media – Salt Lake City LLC (Christopher F. Devine) to Citadel Broadcasting Company (Farid Suleman). Compensates Citadel for backing 3 Point Loan from Wachovia Bank. Both 3 Point and its LMA partner Millcreek Broadcasating are in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Superduopoly with KBEE-FM, KBER-FM, KENZ-FM, KUBL-FM, KFNZ-AM, KJQS-AM & KKAT-AM. Citadel will put KKAT-FM into trust for resale. [File date 6-12-08]

$57,137.37 WGVM-AM/WDMS-FM Greenville MS. 57% of WDMS Inc. from Jeffrey Levingston, trustee for John Rickey Salyer (57% to 0%) to Robert J. Ghetti (18% to 75%). Bankruptcy proceeding. Wesley K. Gerald retains 25%. [File date 6-10-08]

N/A KHEC-FM CP Crescent City CA from Centro Cristiano Cosecha Final (Francisco Diaz) to Ondas de Vida Network Inc. (Hector Manzo). Donation from one non-profit to another. CP is for Class A on 91.1 MHz with 4 kw @ 177’. [File date 6-10-08]