Transactions: 8-10-11


$96.5K FM CP Trent TX; FM CP Cotulla TX; FM CP Big Wells TX; FM CP Sabinal TX; and FM CP Hebbronville TX from KM Communications Inc. (Myoung Hwa Bae) to Jose Antonio Aguilar. $20K deposit, balance in cash at closing. Duopoly between Big Wells and Cotulla CPs. Seeks some way to get 18 month CP extension despite court/FCC freeze on the extension program. Cotulla/Big Wells CPs expire 2/9/12; Trent CP expires 3/17/12; Sabinal/Hebbronville CPs expire 2/28/14. Trent CP is for Class C3 on 92.1 MHz with 13 kW @  456’; Cotulla CP is for Class C3 on 96.3 MHz with 13.5 kW @  449’; Big Wells CP is for Class A on 102.1 MHz with 3.1 kW @  459’; Sabinal CP is for Class C3 on 107.1 MHz with 14 kW @  442’; Hebbronville CP is for Class C3 on 98.7 MHz with 13 kW @  459’. [FCC file date 7/26/11]

N/A FM CP Freer TX and FM CP Falfurrias TX from Texas Pelican Media (Nancy Doerner) to The Worship Center of Kingsville (Rufino Sendejo Jr.). Donation. Freer CP is for Class A on 89.3 MHz with 100 W @ 98’; Falfurrias CP is for Class A on 91.1 MHz with 900 W @ 98’. [FCC file date 7/26/11]