Transactions: 8-27-08


$700K WRXW-FM Jackson MS (Pearl MS) from Backyard Broadcasting Mississippi Licenses LLC, a subsidiary of Backyard Broadcasting LLC (Barry Drake) to Urban Radio II LLC, a subsidiary of Inner City Broadcasting Corporation (Pierre M. Sutton et al). $100K escrow, balance in cash at closing. LMA 8/1/08. Superduopoly with WJNY-AM, WKXI AM-FM, WOAD AM-FM & WJMI-FM. WKXI-AM is being resold to a third party. [FCC file date 7/16/08]

$70K KNBO-AM Texarkana TX-AR (New Boston TX) from Bowie County Broadcasting Company Inc. (Martha P. Knox) to Chapel of Light (Arthur M. Adams et al). Cash. [FCC file date 7/16/08]