Transactions: 9-01-09


$1.25M KEKA-FM/KINS-AM/KWSW-AM & KEJY-FM Eureka CA (Eureka, Blue Lake CA) and KURY AM-FM Brookings OR. 78% of Eureka Broadcasting Company Inc. for Barbara Papstein (50% to 0%) and Hugo Papstein (28% to 0%) to Brian Papstein (22% to 51%) and Angele Papstein (0% to 49%). Note. Brian Papstein is also required to take out $150K life insurance policy; and sellers also receive $24K annual retirement benefit. [FCC file date 8/7/09]

$85K KJQY-FM CP Colorado City CO from Steven R. Bartholomew to Pueblo Broadcasting Group LLC (Diane Crist). $1K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Citing FCC diversity program in asking for extension of CP. CP is for Class C1 on 103.3 MHz with 100 kw @ 541’. [FCC file date 8/7/09]