Transactions: 9-16-08


$1,152,666 KANM-FM CP Magdelena NM; KNOS-FM CP Albany TX; KTXO-FM CP Goldsmith TX; and KKUL-FM CP Groveton TX from Matinee Radio LLC (Robert Walker) to Tango Radio LLC (Antonio Falcon). Cash. KANM CP is for Class C1 on 95.9 MHz with 100 kw @ 981’; KNOS CP is for Class C3 on 98.9 MHz with 8.6 kw @ 541’; KTXO CP is for Class A on 94.7 MHz with 6 kw @ 328’; KKUL CP is for Class A on 98.1 MHz with 6 kw @ 328’. [FCC file date 8/11/08]

N/A FM CP Perry FL from BKM Enterprises LLC (Sheila Dockins) to Dockins Telecommunications Inc. (Fred Dockins). Divorce proceeding. Buyer releases seller from previously shared obligations totaling $121,367 plus FCC fees. CP is for Class A on 93.5 MHz with 6 kw @ 252’. [FCC file date 8/11/08]