Transactions: 9-21-10


$1.1M KBEY-FM/KHRC-AM Burnett TX; KHHS-FM Hamilton TX; and KHLE-FM Kempner TX from Munbilla Broadcasting Partners Ltd. (B. Shane Fox) to M&M Broadcasters Ltd. (Gary L. Moss). Cash. [FCC file date 9/8/10]

$500 WLNQ-FM CP Spring City TN from Corporation for Radio Education (Richard S. Lynn) to The Power Foundation (John R. McClure, Carolyn L. Robinson, Elizabeth K. Wiggins). Cash. There is also a $9.5K consulting agreement with Lynn ($4.5K up front, $500/month for 10 months). CP is for Class A on 88.5 MHz with 850 W @ -279’. Buyer is requesting 18-month CP extension. [FCC file date 9/8/10]