Transactions: 9-30-09


$14M WCRB-FM Boston MA (Lowell MA) from Nassau Broadcasting II LLC (Louis F. Mercatanti Jr.) to WGBH Educational Foundation (Amos B. Hostetter Jr., Marita Rivera et al). $100K indemnity escrow, cash at closing. Duopoly with WGBH-FM, cross-ownership with WGBH-TV, WGBX-TV. Buyer is non-profit entity. [FCC file date 9/29/09]

N/A WDSW-FM Westby WI from Horizon Christian Fellowship (Michael MacIntosh) to Calvary Chapel of Kansas City (James Stewart, Jay Jaramillo, John Snoderly). Donation from one non-profit to another. CP is for Class A on 103.9 MHz with 2.75 ikw @ 477’. [FCC file date 9/28/09]