Tribune set to launch Antenna TV


As announced in August, Tribune Broadcasting is launching a new network next month featuring classic TV programming. The company now says Antenna TV will launch on its O&Os and other stations covering more than 50 million US television households.

The launch date has been moved two days earlier, to New Year’s Day rather than Monday, January 3rd. When the clock strikes midnight Antenna TV will kick off 2011 with 27 hours straight of “The Three Stooges.” Sunday programming will be all “Benny Hill,” other than a three-hour break in the morning for some kiddie programming.

[Parent alert: Be sure to get the kids out of the room or change the channel when “Curiosity Quest” ends and Benny Hill resumes, lest you have to deal with some kiddie curiosity you’d rather not address.]

“The New Year’s holiday weekend is a great time for viewers to have a laugh and settle in with great TV classics. We can’t wait to share these great shows with audiences across the country,” said Sean Compton, President of Programming for Tribune Broadcasting.

The regular weekday schedule, beginning Monday, January 3rd, will also be heavy on Stooges and Benny Hill on Friday and Saturday nights. Other classic series to be featured include “Maude,” “Good Times,” “Sanford and Son,” “All in the Family” and “Married with Children,” to name just a few of the familiar titles.

Legendary announcer Gary Owens is the voice of the new channel.

Antenna TV will debut on digital multicast channels of 19 Tribune Broadcasting stations, including all of the top three markets: WPIX-TV New York channel 11.3; KTLA-TV Los Angeles channel 5.2; and WGN-TV Chicago channel 9.2. Tribune has signed up the 13 Local TV LLC stations as well, along with some other debut affiliates for the total US households coverage of more than 50 million.