Trio bids Aloha to Clear Channel trust


Two more stations from the Aloha Station Trust dating back to the Clear Channel LBO have finally found a new home, along with one from CC Radio itself. They are KAVL-AM and KTPI-AM & FM Lancaster (Mojave), CA.

The two sellers – the Aloha Station Trust, managed by Jeanette Tully, and Clear Channel – will receive $800,000 for the trio. No split is necessary, since all of the cash is going into the coffers of Clear Channel Communications.

The buyer is RZ Radio LLC, owned by Saul Rosenzweig of Los Angeles. He has interests in three other California Stations.

KAVL-AM is a 500-watt fulltimer on 1430 kHz. KTPI-AM is a 1kw fulltimer on 1340 kHz. And KTPI-FM is a 3kw Class A on 97.7 MHz. They serve the Antelope Valley area in the High Desert region northeast of Los Angeles on the edge of the Mojave Desert. KTPI-AM is the one still owned by CC Radio, while KAVL-AM and KTPI-FM are coming from the trust.