The Intersection of Programmatic Audio and Video Ads


The integration of Triton Digital‘s programmatic audio advertising marketplace with a top content-targeted video advertising network is now complete.

As of today, digital audio industry tech firm Triton Digital’s a2X programmatic platform is now fully meshed with DynAdmic. 

The new partnership brings to DynAdmic audio recognition technology, providing their advertisers “with hyper-targeted access” to a2X’s digital audio inventory.

Much like other AI-powered technology that is growing in popularity, DynAdmic’s audio recognition capabilities allow for spoken-word inventory analysis. For podcasts and talk radio, AI can understand the topics being discussed within each audio stream and subsequently assign categories and/or keywords to that inventory based on those topics, which DynAdmic’s advertisers can target against.

Triton claims that a2X is the world’s first programmatic buying marketplace for digital audio.