TRN pulling The Phil Hendrie Show


TRN - Talk Radio NetworkTalk Radio Network-FM will be ending its relationship with Phil Hendrie, and its syndication of The Phil Hendrie Show, as of June 25th.  After Premiere Radio Networks separated from The Phil Hendrie Show, the show was out of national syndication for over a year.  Sometime after that, a representative of Phil Hendrie approached TRN about a new syndication deal, which would re-launch Phil back into the terrestrial syndication marketplace.  After negotiations, CEO Mark Masters decided to take a chance on a new syndication.  In June of 2007, TRN-FM began investing in re-building The Phil Hendrie Show and continued to affiliate and promote the show into 2013.

“I believed in Phil then, and I still think he is a comic genius on-air.  He will always be a radio icon to me,” says Masters, CEO of TRN-FM. Masters went on to say, “We are proud to have rebuilt the Phil Hendrie Show by adding over 100 stations, along with creating robust growth to Phil’s online presence, but, due to world events, the economy, and the state of radio in this country, we have decided to go another direction in that day part – we wish Phil all the best in his future endeavors.”

TRN Sr. Vice President, Dir. of Marketing/Administration Greg Doyle tells RBR-TVBR Hendrie’s time slot is 10p to 1a PT time slot will be replaced with with “Advice Line Overnight with Roy Masters.” Roy is Mark Masters’ father and has a long radio career behind the mic.

Hendrie’s camp issued a statement: “Phil Hendrie has elected not to pursue any further association with Talk Radio Network.  As he delves deeper into his successful digital platform and ongoing television and film work, Hendrie remains open to terrestrial radio opportunities, but only those with strong sales, marketing and programming support.”


  1. Horrible article. How do I know? because I know the facts. Sad that RBR chose not to print our release. I have elected not to continue with TRN because their operation, far from ‘rebuilding’ my show has almost destroyed it. It is in fact the most amateurish company I’ve ever been with. Their technical support was slow and flawed, sales lazy, affiliation utterly unprofessional and Mr. Masters himself refused to talk with me for fear of bring asked hard questions that he had no answers to. Not to mention the company hired people without any experience in certain assigned areas.
    And they refused to allow me access to resumes of people they were hiring to screen my show because they simply wanted to retain control in an area they knew nothing about.
    Masters additionally has no ability in the digital or online world and had no hand in our success there.
    What an unfortunate world you perpetuate RBR by not actually doing any reporting. And what a beat down industry we now see as the result of a stewardship by guys like Masters.

        • Phil, why are you being such a whiner? Don’t you know people like winners, not whiners?

          • Phil Hendrie’s Show has always been exciting, uplifting and hilarious radio entertainment. Ever since his days at KFI, he’s shown his incredible, unique comedic talent.

            This year, I found myself staying up until midnight just to hear his show. I wish I could find it on terrestrial radio earlier in the evening.

            The replacement Roy Masters Show is totally boring and not worth tuning in, IMO.

            You people were fools to dump Phil Hendrie.

        • You’re show is a train wreck Hendrie. Thank sweet christ in the heavens above for my BSP and the thousands of hours of “good” radio I have been able to download. You just aren’t any good anymore dude. You’re a disgruntled old man that just won’t let go.

  2. I worked with Phil and Mark. Let me tell you the real truth. Phil’s show is great, when he first joined TRN he got some of the biggest markets anyone could want, new York, LA, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, etc.

    But nothing was ever good enough. A guy who fakes calls complains when he doesn’t get any, and then blames it on the stations because no one (supposedly) listens. Well, your the host, you are supposed to make them listen and make them call. When they don’t, you don’t blame the company the syndicates you, you blame yourself.

    And when you start screaming at the very people who support you – guess what, they don’t support you anymore.

    To say that TRN didn’t help your online product is silly. They all work hand in hand. TRN did the best job possible to get you on in great cities, the rest was up to you buddy.

    Phil is a great talent, like Mark said, and people worked hard to get Phil great stations. But Phil treats people like ****, and people don’t respond well to this kind of behavior.

    Memo to Phil. Since you get no live calls, why not record your show in the day and get some sleep.

    • Phil is really fun to talk to & he can be a sweet heart. I love the show too. You wouldn’t be looking for a water wheel to power your rocking chair would ya?

  3. Phil is a crazy old chimp that blames EVERONE but himself. He doesn’t write, he doesn’t do show prep, he doesn’t take any calls. He rambles nonsense for 3 hours and wonders why most of the stations dropped him.

  4. You get what you give. TRN did a huge roll out for what they thought would be a funny and engaging comedy program. What they got was a half-***ed straight talk show. By the time Phil finally got it, it was already too late.

    The last 10 months of Phil’s show has been a down right embarrassment and everyone knows it.

  5. I doubt any major networks are interested in a washed up old chimp like Phil. Listeners have more choices now and, as the ratings and loss of affiliates (or is it aPHILiates haw haw haw) indicate, Phil needs to be put out to pasture. I feel bad for the guy. His failed marriage, abysmal failure of a tv show, and realization that the people who gave a crap are long gone. Oh and Phil, you were never as good as Leykis.

  6. Phil…You are done pal. You have been fired from every station you have worked for. You didn’t make it in tv. Your fans left. TRN hates you. KFI hates you. Maria hates you. Your website is a joke. Your live stream is embarrassing as is your show and your voice is shot. Many of us know the truth Phil. Go enjoy Medicare.

  7. Ah Phil, it is always someone else that is at fault. Good luck finding another syndicator. You treated your fans like crap your staff like crap and karma is taking over.

  8. A friend of mine told me that one guy up there is a psycho obsessed with Phil Hendrie. Not sure if it’s true though.

  9. Phil will never admit that any of this is his fault. That is not how he operates. I work in radio and I used to do business with KTLK and one thing I can say with certainty is that one thing he will not tell you is that almost everyone in the radio business hates his guts. He burned way too many bridges and now that his career is in ashes (and it is, it is) he is being laughed at and mocked behind his back by all of his old ”friends.”

  10. Phil used to be funny, hopefully he will be again.

    His TRN show attracted more internet trolls than it did listeners.

  11. I agree that the majority of comments here are most likely jaded fans. However, I feel that they have every reason to be critical and upset. Phil has always treated his fans like garbage.

    I’ve seen a lot of talent come and go in this industry. But here is a guy who could have had it all. His show was a unique product and innovative in so many ways back in the 90s. Phil is a VERY talented radio host.

    However, his biggest downfall has always been his crappy attitude towards other people and his own insecurities. For everything that ever went wrong, it was always someone else’s fault. Someone else was an idiot, someone else was lazy, someone else conspired to ruin his radio show. Phil never took responsibility for anything.

    Phil can paint the picture anyway he wants but the fact of the matter is, he has burnt almost every bridge you can imagine in this industry. Most people who have worked with this guy would NEVER want to again and that’s the biggest challenge he faces now as he looks for another syndicator or at least, individual stations to carry his program. Not many people left that are willing to give him another chance. He had his chance with TRN and another shot when TRN renewed the show three years ago. He completely blew it. The numbers just aren’t there anymore. It was up to HIM to create a radio program with content that would hook the listener in. However, when you don’t put in the work required to properly prep your shows, take a night off or call in sick every time someone pisses you off (which was quite often for Phil) and then start blaming everyone else and not take responsibility for your own actions, it’s a recipe for disaster and that is exactly what happened with the PHS at TRN.

    Anyone in radio today KNOWS that it is completely up to you, as the talent, to make your show a great product. Nobody else is going to do that for you. Also, if you are offered support staff, be grateful and use your resources as best as you can. Don’t yell and scream at them when shit doesn’t go your way. These are real people with real feelings and they are just trying to do what they have been trained to do and support you the best way that they can. If these folks were really that incompetent, they wouldn’t be working for a national syndicator.

    Of course, Phil will counter all this. All the energy he has spent fighting others with frivolous lawsuits and the petty bullshit with his fans, he could have put towards producing a great radio show. But I guess the easier thing to do is to just blame others.

  12. You people wouldn’t know talent if it bit you in your fat white a**es! I am the greatest innovator in all RADIO!! So innovative in fact that I don’t need “callers” or a so-called “audience” to make broadcast history. Just wait and see. I’m going to take my pre-2006 material, wrap a pretty bow around it (lame introductions and repeated back stories), and sell it as Phil 2.0! I’ll be back and I’ll torch and motherfu**er who dares get in my way!!

  13. A comment from my girlfriend and me: real listeners. We’re fans and love the show now more than ever. BSP member for life here. I feel we’ll treated as a fan. Just my two cents.

  14. I’ve been a big fan of Phil’s since his very first show back to LA replacing Mr. KFI back in 1996. Had no clue what was going on for the first week or two (I was only 17 at the time or so). Anyway, I noticed back then that he had a contempt for the fans when he’d offer up the fact that any fan mail he got went straight into the garbage unopened. Now, said in the right way with the right charm that can sound super funny, but the way he said it was 95% serious. Anyway, that’s just one thing I always remembered from way back then. I think he’s the #1 most unique talent in radio history (in my lifetime), and one of the best of all time with Howard being first. That said, it’s a shame at what’s happened.

    I haven’t kept up much with him since he went off the rails after 9/11 supporting Dubya and Cheney. Seriously, I was hoping it was just really long-form performance art, but realized it was the real deal and just stopped listening after being mentally exhausted from hearing yet another old white ranting dude among a sea of them. It would be as if Michael Jordan had quit basketball at his peak and went slumming it in minor league baseball to hit barely above .200 …er wait a minute.

    Anyway. Not sure what my point was. But it also sucks that he seems to have some sort of psycho spending seemingly every waking moment trying to make his life miserable. Seriously…who has the time and energy for something like that?

    Stay strong Phil, but try to accept and digest the positive energy when it’s sent your way from people who actually like you.

  15. I’m laughing. Look at all the commentary when you tell the truth on the suits. Not to mention the opportunity for cranks and trolls. However, the question remains. Why did you essentially have Masters write this story? You guys laugh behind his back along with everyone else. So why the a** licking?
    The rest of you can kiss it, Main Street, high noon, in 3D.

  16. I enjoy Phil. Phil, Have your show up on the web. People like me will listen to it.
    I find your show entertaining.

  17. Listen to you people. I hope you’re proud of yourselves. Sure Phil is a little off kilter – you would be to if you had so many voices to listen to in your head. Let’s face is TRN in an ‘off-brand’ company sort of like Sims… at TRN an educated consumer is our best customer – well – not so much. TRN wants a broad based sort of Hershey with almonds and Phil is Lindt truffles. TRN got what it wanted it rode Phil up the latter to put the father back on the air – Masters can’t afford to buy time anymore for his sort of religiosity up with people …. stuff. I have to use the toilet, Bud come with me.

  18. Phil Hendrie is a closet racist, misogynist, anti Semite, homophobe who also loves to bash on the southern blue collar worker. He veils his hatred through his characters but if you listen closely and have a knack for hearing voice affectation, you can clearly recognize a man who has nothing but disdain for anyone not male or white. He can deny all he wants but at the end of the day he knows what he is. His more intelligent fans know too but they view his show (at least the classic Phil, not the crap he’s peddling now)as some sort of bus crash; they feel guilty listening but it’s too funny not to listen. How do I know? because I admit to being a classic PHS fan. I have thousands of hours of downloaded classics back when he was relevant.

    How far he’s fallen.

  19. Is this the best place you haters can find to vent and rage against Phil?

    I enjoy listening to classic Phil and new Phil. It’s all good and entertaining to me. I would hope Phil employs a few writers to increase the quality slightly from June 25 onward; but it’s been a phun ride nevertheless, and I mix old and classic up, just to get a different flavor.
    I certainly get my money’s worth! Or put differently: I got more out of Phil than I ever invested. Therefore I am thankful for his work over the years.

    You Americans are just too darn soft-skinned and pissed off at everything and everyone.

    • Well, you can’t tell Phil what a prick he is on Twitter or Facebook because he deletes and blocks people for the most inane comments. He won’t allow comments on his YouTube uploads. He knows he’s a has-been he just won’t admit it.

  20. Every reply posted from a name related to the Phil Hendrie show is one person using different names. Truly a pathetic individual. I’m willing to bet that he was dissed by Phil and took it so personally that he spends waaaay too much effort posting nonsensical jargon. What a sad case.

    Keep on rocking in the free world, Phil. Proud BSP member right here.

  21. okay Roy Masters? Are you freaking nuts!! I tuned in to hear the genius Phil Hendrie and got some nut job,’ with call at 9:06″ who the hell tells someone to call at 6 mins after the hour. oh then he does this” do you see the lights when you close your eyes” ? I have never listen to him, and probably never will again after 15 mins,, please bring Phil back he was AWESOME!!! I miss Margaret 🙁

    • Just to chime in,- disapointed with Phil’s show being gone but I appreciate both Phil and Roy Masters.This thread turned into an either or w/some posts-Having heard both shows for decades now on different stations they both provide a service-Phil’s a pressure release in the form of comic ingenuity/entertainment and Roy Masters teaches people not to get stressed and cope …Phil can only have so many consistent KO rounds but he’s still funny on his off days/nights

  22. Just ended up here after Googling where’s Phil’s show. Wow.

    I understand/believe both sides:

    1) Phil’s probably getting di:)ed somewhere.

    2) No offense Phil, but three hours of Phil, Bud, Robert and Margaret, with no characters, out and out sucks. It’s almost painful to listen to the sound of Bud being slapped by Phil and Margaret. Bad, bad, bad comedy. Stupid. Like when bad speakers give you ear fatigue, that stuff gives you brain fatigue. And one night several months back you came on and just talked. That sucked. No offense, but I never tuned in to your show for political or life advice.

    I discovered Phil late, in 2005. I think one of the first shows I heard was Larry Grover talking about war for oil, with a young autistic kid in the background. Phil’s voices and sound effects about had me running off the road. I’ve laughed so hard at some of the bits that it hurt.

    Thanks for the memories. Going to get a BSP tonight to begin ‘catching up’ on what I’ve missed.

  23. Replacing Phil Hendrie with the general manager’s father is obscene. Roy Masters is a well known cult crank who peddles his crazy theories about sexual relationship and meditation. No way I am listen to that loon at night. I don’t anything about the beef between Hendrie and the radio syndicator, but I do know hiring your crazy father is about as stupid as stupid gets.

    • Current Phil Hendrie could be replaced with static or the sounds of a waterhead child being beaten with a stick and still draw more listeners than the crap show he puts out now.

  24. Phil Henry is brilliant And hilarious i have been staying up later than i should all these years cause I couldn’t miss his show It was funnier when he had actual callers But it is still 100 times better than any other talk show I catch as many of his podcasts as I can But now,Alas,now I go to bed earlier! Bring back phil!!!

  25. I first stumbled upon Phil in 2006 and took about a week to figure out he was doing all the voices. He’s a true comic genius and a talent I’ve never seen matched. Have listened while I go to bed on tuneinradio ever since…but now am very bummed he’s not on the air anymore. I may have to get a BSP now that I am having Phil withdrawal. Whoever had the idea of putting that old guy on there to replace him is clueless. Bring Phil back!!

  26. Ok so you have put grandpa news of the day boring overnight radio on instead of Phil!! no one will ever suffer from insomnia again. We miss you Phil come back asap!!

  27. For the love of god, would you people stop dissing Phil? All of the comments are probably by one excessively enraged individual (as already proposed by other commenters/bloggers), but if they’re not, then it doesn’t make any measurable difference. You’re all probably just jealous of Phil’s commendable talent as a radio comedian. He has introduced an entire new form of radio comedy and since 1990 has been expanding it’s colour and broadening its popularity to un-surpassed medians. His radio career has been nothing short of spectacular. If I was the host of a television broadcast I wouldn’t hesitate to have Phil as a guest every so often. And I would certainly prefer him over Roy Davis or whatever the hell the new guy’s name is. We need Phil back on the air, talk radio or not. TRN threw away a real asset when they cut contract with Hendrie. You know it, I know it, and Phil knows it.

  28. Phil is the greatest radio comedian I have ever laughed with. I hope he ignores all of this bs and knows this disneyworker still adores listening and supporting him from early florida broadcasts when I thought all the characters were real and let Margaret have it to the first live video or podcast to today on my birthday. I would love to give him a big ol hug! keep suceeding in the future! Love you Phil! Call me anytime

  29. This guy, “Orange County” said exactly what I had been feeling.

    I haven’t kept up much with him since he went off the rails after 9/11 supporting Dubya and Cheney. Seriously, I was hoping it was just really long-form performance art, but realized it was the real deal and just stopped listening after being mentally exhausted from hearing yet another old white ranting dude among a sea of them.

    This was the end of his show, unless you also licked “G. W. Dumbyas Nuts”.

    Love the old Phil, White Boy Roy in Memfrica, Tn…

  30. Phil is an artist. They are difficult but worth the trip. Someone should have helped him do what he was made to do. We all failed.

  31. I agree with Orange County. I also remember years ago when Phil expressed complete disdain for his callers/fans. Yes, he is talented. But he’s also moody, angry, and condescendingly rude. He really does think he’s smarter than the rest of the world. Phil, you’ve been over for a lonnnnng time now. It is what it is.

  32. When Phil’s on the air, he’s simply the best there is. When he’s not on the air… well, when you’re not on the air its pretty hard to be any good, right?

  33. Idk about all the rario politics bs that is being discussed here but I can say that I love phil. His is the only radio show that I make sure I’m around a radio for. I’ve listened for yeeeears and I’ll agree that I do miss the callers rants and phil giving it right back to em. Bsp forever yo

  34. I used to love phile back when he was on Premiere Radio Network … Aka Clear Channel. But once he returned on TRN he was a far cry from his old self. Bud Dickman’s constant presence with the other guy was just weak. Margaret Gray in studio too … When they are not on the phone they sounded too much like Phil. We needed more Herb Sewell, more Vernen Dousier, Rosh Faneen … More characters with a cause …not just him talking to the in studio crew. He never treated the real callers with much respect, but they were everything tithe show …not knowing they were the show.
    Phil, if you are reading this … I used to love your show. I still spend hours a week searching for affiliates that stream your show because I am hoping it is still good …but what I have been able to find is not what it was. I hope your making your money on people who buy the BSP … Reminiscing about the good ole days of Phil, but I am not in the mind set to pay to just listen to the past. The present day Phil is not worth 6 bucks a month … Or whatever it is. Good luck, you angry old fart. Why can’t I find you on any stations anymore? Oh because you are a has been!!! Still love the good ole days though.

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