A Political Move That Could Benefit OTT, Connected TV


Tru Optik, which bills itself as an “identity resolution leader” across OTT and Connected TV (CTV), has inked an agreement with “audience-powered analytics company“ Deep Root Analytics to integrate Deep Root’s audience-based segments – political, public affairs and corporate advocacy – to Tru Optik’s Political Data Cloud.

Through this integration, media companies and political advertisers will gain access to Deep Root’s audience segments, comprised of rich data sets of voter history, consumer and behavioral insights across OTT/CTV.

Mapped against Tru Optik’s Household Graph of more than 80 million U.S. homes, political and issue advertisers are being promised more enhanced targeting capabilities — with the result “more precise, effective and cost-efficient advertising campaigns.”

For broadcast TV, it could bring a new thorn in the ability to fully capture the full spectrum of political dollars in the 2020 campaign season, with digital pitching its abilities to siphon even more money from traditional visual media.

“There’s no denying that now, more than ever, registered voters are engaging in content from connected TV,” said Richard Kosinski, Executive Vice President of Sales atTru Optik. “Political candidates, campaigns and advocacy groups must recognize this and leverage these platforms in order to reach targeted voter audiences. Deep Root’s scale of deterministic and modeled political data directly sourced from voters enhances our capabilities of offering unparalleled scale, accuracy and reach on ad-supported OTT and CTV.”

Deep Root Analytics Chief Revenue Officer David Seawright added, “This partnership will allow agencies and advertisers to leverage Deep Root’s premium audiences in new ways and will elevate their digital targeting capabilities across an increasingly fractured landscape.”

Tru Optik’s Political Data Cloud enables political advertisers to use OTT to target specific voter groups on a local, state or national level across such factors as party affiliation, past voting behavior and issue orientation.

Political data can be combined with behavioral, demographic and interest-based information, to create custom voter segments actionable across over 80 million U.S. homes through leading publishers and ad tech platforms.

Here’s the rub, however: Consumers can opt-out of audience-based targeting through Tru Optik’s Privacy.TV, a free privacy compliance solution for CTV and Advanced Media that offers consumer opt-out for publishers, ad tech platforms, data providers and device manufacturers.

A broadcast TV viewer can’t opt-out of viewing political ads unless the change the channel or shut off the television.