A Big Consumer Credit Agency Grabs Tru Optik


If you’ve ever had to deal with an identity theft issue or have requested a credit report, you’re likely familiar with TransUnion.

Now, as part of a growth initiative tied to identity and consumer insights for marketing, the company is purchasing a data marketplace and data management platform for connected TV, streaming audio and gaming.

TransUnion is acquiring Tru Optik.

It is a company known for its patented household graph of more than 80 million U.S. homes, enabling household-level identity, targeting and measurement.

For the television business, its use in connected TV is notable.

For the radio industry, its ability to monetize smart speaker consumption is of high interest.

“Tru Optik and TransUnion’s complementary capabilities will provide TransUnion’s expanded customer base with the reach, accuracy and transparency missing in current identity and audience development products,” Tru Optik noted in a Thursday announcement.

TransUnion EVP of Marketing Solutions and Media Vertical Matt Spiegel noted, “Connected TV has quickly become most consumers’ preferred way to access long form video content. With the standard digital identity signals being sunset, marketers and media companies are looking toward a new generation of identity and audience products to reach the right people and households. Tru Optik has been at the forefront of innovation in this area. Their data marketplace is integrated with the leading buy- and sell-side platforms and is available now for streaming TV and audio campaigns. By bringing our two companies together, our combined assets will result in an expanded suite of solutions that modern marketing requires.”

TransUnion and Tru Optik together “will address unmet market needs with a focus on streaming TV/audio as part of an omni-channel identity strategy,” the companies note. “The combined offering will provide the depth of consumer intelligence necessary for advertisers to connect people with relevant messages.”

Tru Optik co-founder and CEO Andre Swanston noted, “As hundreds of millions of consumers and billions of dollars of advertising continue to shift to connected and streaming media, it is imperative that the advertising and media industry have a trusted, agnostic and impartial source of truth for identity and audience data. As a part of TransUnion, and combined with our first mover status and existing market partnerships, we are well-positioned to serve the industry as a leading identity solution and data provider for all things streaming, now and into the future.”

TransUnion recently purchased Signal and TruSignal, and the Tru Optik transaction is expected to close upon the satisfaction of customary closing conditions.