Trump and NBC bringing back Apprentice


“The Apprentice” – the original, not the celebrity version, is returning to NBC. And yes, Donald Trump will be once again in charge.

According to the announcement Wednesday, Trump will give the opportunity of their careers to 14 new candidates ranging in age – all of whom have been hit hard by the current economic downturn.  These will include talented and bright prospects who have lost their jobs with no hope in sight, people who are currently holding down jobs they don’t like just to make ends meet and recent college graduates who currently have few if any prospects.  

“‘The Apprentice’ is a proven brand, and we believe its return is more relevant than ever since it will provide new hope for many Americans struggling in this difficult job market. Donald is going to be even more involved as he offers fantastic opportunities for the American worker, while the search for a quality job will resonate with contemporary viewers,” said Paul Telegdy, Executive Vice President, Alternative Programming, NBC and Universal Media Studios. 

“I am very excited to return to the original premise of ‘The Apprentice,'” said Trump.  “We’ve got to do something about the economy and this is a terrific way to provide jobs as well as business lessons along the way.  NBC, Mark Burnett and I hope this economic downturn can begin a turnaround, and we’ll do our best with ‘The Apprentice’ to see that it starts happening.  I’m proud to be putting people back to work, and to positively changing the psychology of America.”

So, the search is on for contestants. People of all ages are encouraged to apply, from the newest college graduates to the more experienced over-40s who have been hard hit by this economy.  Whether you are recently laid-off, long-term unemployed, a graduate with a daunting job search ahead of you or simply someone who took a job that is just allowing you to survive this downturn, we encourage you to apply.  
Prospective executives who feel they have the skills and drive to become “The Apprentice” can apply by either attending one of the program’s nation-wide open calls or by emailing the show – [email protected]. Applicants are encouraged to explain why they should be the next “Apprentice” and include information regarding how the recession has impacted their lives.  Also required is a recent photo as well as name, location and occupation history. 
“The Apprentice” is produced by Mark Burnett Productions in association with Trump Productions LLC.  Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Page Feldman and Eden Gaha are executive producers.